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Lowrance Eagle Fishfinder Temperature Sensor TS-1BL 99-95


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LEI Lowrance Eagle Fishfinder Temperature Sensor

Fits all 2004 and newer Lowrance products with temperature display capability and a blue sensor connector.

Manufacturer’s Part Number:

  • TS-1BL
  • 99-95

Fits: LCX-110C, LCX-111C HD, LCX-112C, LCX-113C HD, LCX-17M, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, LCX-26C HD, LCX-27C, LCX-28C HD, LCX-37C, LCX-38C HD, LMS-332C, LMS-334C iGPS, LMS-337C DF, LMS-339C DF iGPS, LMS-480, LMS-520C, LMS-522C iGPS, LMS-525C DF, LMS-527C DF iGPS, X102C, X107C DF, X125, X126DF, X135, X136DF, X-510C, X-515C DF, X52, X59DF

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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in